Almoutawa for Stainless steel works

We work in the field of stainless steel industry (for hotels, villas, companies and commercial centers)

The works include:

1 – All types of doors, especially villas, palaces, malls, hospitals and government and civil centers

2 – Cladding related to left, columns and walls

3 – Stainless steel Canopy with glass or lacsan

4 – Manufacturing boxes in all forms and sizes

5 – The work of Marquette’s for governments, malls and companies

6 – We are the specialist using of golden stainless steel.

We provide all maintenance services (related to stainless steel and copper) for companies and individuals including:

1 – Re-jaw and installation.

2 – Cleaning.

3 – Cut and re-weld

4 – Repair of malfunctions and damage caused by misuse or natural factors.

5 – Polishing and polishing stainless steel and shiny copper and asphalt