About us

ALMOUTAWA is one of the leading companies in stainless steel, aluminum, and golden stainless steel materials in Saudi Arabia . Specializing in stainless steel Doors , kitchens and shade structure.

ALMOUTAWA FACTORY was established in 1993, and since then until our moment it has been known for the quality of its products, and the credibility of its dealings with ministries, government agencies, private companies, workshops, and other entities or individuals, as the factory has implemented many large and medium projects. for example:

  1. Doors work (in the Awan Gallery ).
  2. Kitchen works in King Fahd Military Hospital .
  3. Stainless steel doors, medical laundries, and laboratories at Al Amal Hospital Hospital.
  4. Implementation of all handrail works Dhahran Exhibition Center over 120 meters.
  5. In addition to many private projects, buildings and commercial complexes as well.

ALMOUTAWA FACTORY continues to be the first choice for its customers with its materials, services and quality.

The factory operates with a high-level technical and administrative capacity and includes a number of specialists over twenty employees. The factory has a strategic location since 1993 at the entrance to the Dammam .