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What is ACM? Aluminum Composite Material – ACM is a painted aluminum coating, consisting of two aluminum skins with a thermoplastic core of low density polyethylene. It uses a sophisticated gluing process chemical involving adhesives at high temperatures. The painted surface of the aluminum sheet is coated with PVDF KYNAR 500 (70%) or polyester base. […]


In the stainless steel service center, we provide quick services to customers, where we cut and indent quickly for stainless steel and aluminum anodizing panels at special prices.We also provide free delivery service to our customers

About us

About us ALMOUTAWA is one of the leading companies in stainless steel, aluminum, and golden stainless steel materials in Saudi Arabia . Specializing in stainless steel Doors , kitchens and shade structure. ALMOUTAWA FACTORY was established in 1993, and since then until our moment it has been known for the quality of its products, and […]