almoutawa MANUFACTURES AND SPECIALIZE ON stainless steel PRODUCTS, SUCH AS: stainless steel DOORS, ALUMINIUM DOORS, kitchen and CUSTOMIZED product.

Design team, is a solution partner to our customers. With this approach, the products are suitable to the application details of the projects, considering the architectural designs and aesthetics.
Following all technological innovations, sectoral development and customer demands, ALMOUTAWA targets to be the professional leader in market by offering high-quality, low-cost and innovative architectural solutions.
Factory works with total quality management systems, products are in accordance with the international quality standards. ALMOUTAWA achieve this by keeping the updates, related to new and developing technologies. Sales team, determines the main need of the market, finds fast and economic solutions and at the end provides fast deliveries to customers, with steady price policy and quick services.


ALMOUTAWA products have a wide variety of designs, natural texture and unique surface quality with a timeless design.

High performance

From production to sales, at every stage of business, performance and quality control are always taken in to account, and keeping this performance at maximum is mandatory in the company’s business plan.


High-insulation, long lasting, high quality, durable and recyclable products.

Stainless steel features

· Perfectly formed
· Distinctive
· Versatile
· Energy saving
· Decorative style
· Long-lasting

Stainless steel unlimited styling and design, gives the ability to provide economical solution of very complex insulation details. Other than simple cleaning options, it can be used in various weather conditions, maintenance-free, very durable and long lasting.