About Us

Who We Are

  • ALMOUTAWA Factory is one of the top Fabrication of Stainless Steel and all forms of manufacturing and restructuring in State of SAUDI Arabia


  • Our management team is highly qualified and experienced, Logistics, Fabrication, ؛problem Solution, allowing us to understand our clients’ needs and meet them in the most timely and cost effective manner.


  • AL-MOUTAWA factory is looking to provide better services to corporate and Personal where we put the interests of clients in the first place in order to provide excellent services and a variety of corporate.

Our Objectives

• To provide our regular & new customers with the best quality services.

• To respond promptly & positively to our customers requirements.

• To invest and search for the highly qualified personnel to serve the clients better.

•To build a good reputation by working very hard to meet the demands and satisfy customers.

• Our strategy is to provide our clients with after sales service and best possible support at very reasonable expenses

Since 1993
Because Creativity is The Power … We think in different ways

ALMOUTAWA FACTORY is considered a leading and distinguished institution in the field of design and in executing architectural metals works


ALMOUTAWA Factory is considered a leading and distinguished institution in the field of designing and executing architectural metal works.


We work with different kind of steel and aluminum to meet the customers requests

  •  All types of doors and windows .
  •  Cladding related to left, columns and walls
  •  Stainless steel Canopy with limited glass
  • Manufacturing boxes in all forms and sizes
  • We are the specialist using of golden stainless .
  • We use TIG welding Aluminum of manufacturing
  • The cabinets , shelf , tables  and chairs